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Erwin Restaurants, Greek Riding Across the River and Friendly, 15 Kitchen + Bar

Erwin Restaurant

The project of restaurateur Alexander Zaturinsky and Soul Kitchen. According to the owners, the concept of the institution is called New Academic Style and involves "delicate work at the junction of the growing popularity of the" new Russian cuisine "format, the current gastronomic trends of Northern Europe and the basic values ​​of French gastronomy."

For the launch of the project, the kitchen team is led by Soul Kitchen brand chef Andrei Korobyak, who used to work in the Danish restaurant Geranium (two Michelin stars at the restaurant), and chef Andrei Chetvertnov, who graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Academy of Culinary Arts in Paris in 2014 ; He used to work at Ragout, Simple Things, and Correa's in Moscow. The wine list for Erwin was compiled by chef-sommelier Dmitry Bazashvili.

The restaurant is two-level: on the upper level there is a main hall for 150 guests and a bar for 18 people, and on the lower level there is a “soft zone” with a real fireplace. Also at the top there is a grill, an ice seafood showcase and an aquarium where oysters, mussels and crabs are kept.

On the menu, for example, sea ceviche, salmon and beef tartare, scallops with walnut crust, mushrooms and white wine sauce, duck fillet with quinoa and chicory, fried smelt with cucumber salsa and a rabbit in three textures - prices range from 600 to a thousand rubles.

Bar-Restaurant 15 Kitchen + Bar

The new institution is engaged in the pop-up team of the restaurant Door 19. At 15 Kitchen + Bar they say that its task is to remind about Door 19, but not copy it. As in Door 19, they promise to regularly change cooks, which means to update the menu. Only now the boss will be replaced once a season, and not once a week or two, as in Door 19.

The main room has 68 seats, in the second zone there is a courtyard with a terrace with an area of ​​50 guests. Here on weekends DJs will play, and on Sundays they plan to arrange brunches and barbecue.

The first season at 15 Kitchen + Bar is being prepared by Englishman Leandros Stagogianis. You can try, for example, octopus with cabbage (950 rubles), pickled vegetables with burrata cheese (550 rubles) and oxtail with potato waffles (650 rubles).

Andreas Zanos, who was a bartender at Door 19, is responsible for the bar, and before that he worked for many years in the London bars Hakkassan, Sketch and Purl. He made a map of nine author's cocktails (will also change regularly), it is divided into five parts: Aer (Air), Ignis (Fire), Aqua (Water), Terra (Earth) and Mystery Box, which includes the author's version of classic cocktails. Prices for cocktails range from 450 to 600 rubles.

Greek Restaurant "Drove Greek Across the River"

The restaurant earned on a ship moored at the pier of the hotel "Ukraine". The owner of the new institution is Kirill Gusev, who recently opened a Turkish Gambit cafe in Moscow. The menu was developed by the Greek Janis Kotzias, who became the brand-chef of the project. He personally chose Andrey Yevteyev, who was previously responsible for the cuisine of the Fish restaurant, as the chef.

"Greek rode across the river" works on two floors-decks of the ship. At the lower level there is a main hall for 65 guests and a bar for 45 people, on the second floor there is a veranda with a capacity of 150 seats.

Many dishes are prepared from seafood, vegetables, herbs, legumes and spices. For meat dishes, lamb and pork are mainly used. But the main thing on the menu is fish. For example, you can order cod baked with vegetables and olives, keftedes made of white fish and warm squid with beans - prices range from 650 to 750 rubles. Of the soups - cold cucumber with feta (300 rubles) and kakavya, it is also a thick fish soup (550 rubles).

Also in the restaurant you can choose fish from the aquarium, and discuss the method of its preparation with the waiter. For example, live spiny lobsters, monkfish, sea bass and crab phalanges are offered here.

From desserts - figs in caramel with Greek cottage cheese, baked pumpkin with sauce from tahini halva sauce or baklava with walnut and caramel ice cream - all for 350 rubles.

Friendly Restaurant

According to the owners of the restaurant, all dishes in Friendly are sold at cost, but you will have to pay for the time spent here separately.
From Monday to Friday every hour from 12:00 to 18:00 costs 150 rubles, and from 18:00 to 00:00 - 240 rubles. On Saturday and Sunday - expectedly more expensive: from 12:00 to 18:00 an hour costs 210 rubles, and after 18:00 - 270 rubles.

Friendly cuisine is answered by Pavel Zavarzin, who used to work at Ah! Beatrice. The menu includes, for example, a vegetable salad with peppers stuffed with feta, papaya and shrimp salad, sockeye salmon tartar with pike caviar, spring rolls with duck or shrimp, rack of lamb with vegetables, duck leg with baked pumpkin and cherry chutney and emerald halibut on mini potatoes with tom yum sauce - prices range from 190 to 690 rubles. It also serves nine types of pizza, which is cooked in a wood-burning oven, and pasta.

Coffee Shop Caffe 'del Parco

This is the fourth Caffe 'del Parco coffee house in Moscow. In addition to coffee, there is a full menu. Mikhail Koshcheev, who used to work as a sous-chef in the Cork on Tsvetnoy restaurant, is responsible for the cuisine here. And the brand chef Caffe 'del Parco is Anna Serova, formerly the chef of barista Double B. You can order several salads: for example, with roast beef and caramelized onion dressing, with beets and kumquat, zucchini and poached egg salad, carrot soup , soup with ale and bacon, chicken soup, lemon risotto with peas and mint or porcini mushrooms - prices range from 200 to 400 rubles.

The coffee menu is standard: espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, raff coffee, raf masal, flat white.

In addition, the coffee house serves breakfast, they are open all day. The menu includes scramble on toast with parsley butter, eggs with cheese in a biscuit with green salad and citrus mayonnaise, scones with whipped cream and pear in lime syrup, oatmeal with banana or cheese and spinach and a few more dishes - prices start at 180 rubles .

Third Shake Shack Cafe

The third Shake Shack in Moscow began work on the fourth floor of Aviapark shopping center. The cafe consists of two levels, for the decoration of the walls of which a tree was used. The menu of the new Shake Shack, as well as in other establishments of the network, includes signature Angus marbled beef burgers and hot dogs. There is, for example, the classic Cheeseburger Shack burger (205 rubles - standard, 345 rubles - double), the cheeseburger Smok-shack with bacon and hot pepper (265 rubles - standard, 395 rubles - double), a vegetarian burger with mushrooms (259 rubles) , Shak-kago hot dog with beef sausage (190 rubles) and french fries with cheese sauce (165 rubles).

For dessert, they offer traditional Shake Shack concrites - ice cream desserts with additives from cookies, marshmallows, sauces and fruits. The new cafe will add two new concrites that can only be tasted at Aviapark: banana-peanut and chocolate with truffle and shortbread cookies. Of the drinks - coffee shake, beer, wine and iced tea.

Lunches at Blum Cafe

Lunches appeared in the Blum cafe in the courtyard of the Condé Nast publishing house on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, and are open every day from 12:00 to 17:00. There are three options: salad, soup and hot (420 rubles), salad or soup plus hot (390 rubles), salad and soup (320 rubles). The price of each option includes fruit drink and warm bread. Wine, beer or cider is offered at 200 rubles per glass.

Examples of salads: vinaigrette with mackerel, apple and potato sauce; with tomatoes, sunflower seeds and herbs; with tuna, tomatoes, Kenyan beans, mini-potatoes, eggs and herbs; with daikon, vegetables and chicken; from fresh vegetables with cottage cheese and herbs; with beef, lettuce, vegetables with mustard sauce.

Of the soups - fo, lentil with smoked meats, cucumber-yogurt, minestrone, sorrel, okrosh kefir, beetroot soup, mushroom cream soup, broccoli cream soup.

For a hot meal, a burger with beef or chicken, caramelized onions and baked potatoes is served; chicken fillet on bulgur with green peas; sea ​​bass fillet with beetroot risotto; cod fillet with potato sauce and zucchini; chicken cutlets with mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes; fried rice with vegetables and chicken; "Cordon Blue" with beetroot salad.

At the same time, all the dishes listed above are not on the menu: every day they prepare one option from each category. Today, for example, they prepare vinaigrette with mackerel, mushroom cream soup and a burger with baked potatoes.

Haggis Secret Cafe Bar

In the basement of the chef Dmitry Zotov's Haggis cafe, a bar called Santospirito begins work. Barman Ira Golubeva, who previously worked at the Bad Boy Bar, is responsible for cocktails here. The menu contains eight signature cocktails, classic and any others can be made upon request. The bar will operate three days a week: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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