New Place: Brugge Pub

The Italy Group team, led by brand chef Mikhail Sokolov and his colleague Dan Marchuk, opened an institution of an unusual format. In a small Belgian pub on the Makarov embankment near the Beluga restaurant, more than 60 beers are served, and in addition to typical Italian holding, Flemish cuisine is offered.

In the bar card only Belgian beer - 15 draft and 50 bottled options. Among them there are Trappist varieties (brewed under the control of Trappist monks) and light lambics (fruit beer without yeast fermentation), which are recommended for wine lovers to try. All drinks can be ordered takeaway.

The menus consisted of traditional Flemish dishes, including Liège salad with bacon and peas, a seafood watera and stew with dark Belgian ale. Instead of burgers, branded burgers are cooked - with beef and avocado cutlets or trout and lime. Liege waffles with various toppings are served for dessert. In addition to the classic appetizers - croutons, onion rings and shrimp fries - in Brugge offer mussels. They are prepared in pots with various sauces, and served in portions from 500 grams to two kilograms (the latter is designed for a company of 8-10 people). Fresh mussels are brought into the pub from Thursday to Sunday. Soon, a small section with the most popular dishes from the Italian restaurants of the Italy Group will also appear on the menu.

In total, Brugge has three halls, designed in the style of Belgian beer restaurants - with leather armchairs and massive wooden tables. Each has a separate bar counter, and in the back there is also a working fireplace and an LCD panel, which broadcasts football matches and Formula 1 races.


concept chef Italy Group

I discovered Belgian cuisine a few years ago, by the way, on that first trip we met Dan. Later we traveled together almost all the best restaurants in Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, found many friends who shared unique recipes with us. I used them in creating the menu. In addition to traditional Belgian dishes, here you will find already familiar to many dishes from the restaurant Italy. And this is not surprising: Italians are simply delighted with Belgian beer and believe that it is combined with pasta and even more so with pizza, no worse than any wine.

Pea soup with smoked meat - 280 rublesPea soup with smoked meats - 280 rublesDuck leg confit with quinoa - 620 rublesDuck leg confit with quinoa - 620 rublesShrimp fries - 350 rublesShrimp fries - 350 rublesDelirium Tremens beer - 260 rubles per 500 mlKwak beer - 240 rubles per 300 mlLindermans Kriek beer - 240 rubles per 500 ml

Excerpts from the menu

Croutons with cheese sauce
190 rubles

Cheese croquettes with raspberry pepper sauce 
290 rubles

Liege salad
260 rubles

Tongue and Tarragon Salad
290 rubles

Gratin onion soup
210 rubles

Mushroom Stew with Truffle Sour Cream
220 rubles

Flemish lamb stew with dark
belgian ale
490 rubles

Bruger with a juicy cutlet of beef and avocado
420 rubles

Baked veal side with brussels sprouts
440 rubles

Pike perch with orange sauce
410 rubles

Watery seafood
490 rubles

Mussels in white wine with vegetables and lemongrass
(500, 1,000 and 2,000 gr.)
560/990/1690 rubles

Liege waffles with vanilla ice cream
and chocolate
190 rubles

Delirium Tremens
260 rubles

Delirium Red (500 ml)
260 rubles

La Trapp Dowel (300 ml)
170 rubles

Stassen (300 and 500 ml)
130/220 rubles

"Burgun de Flander" (250 and 500 ml)
170/270 rubles

Lindenmans Creek (500 ml)
240 rubles

"Lifmans Frutis"
200 rubles

320 rubles

"Rochefort # 6"
280 rubles

"La Trapp Witte" (330/750 ml)
230/500 rubles

"La Trapp Triple" (330/750 ml)
230/500 rubles

230 rubles

270/700 rubles

Floris Pesche
230 rubles

Brugge Pub

Makarova emb., 22


+7 (812) 600-23-90

Photos: Dima Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: Best Belgian Beer Bars in Bruges. THE HOSTEL GIRL (December 2019).

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