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August 27 in the Gorky Park will host the culinary festival of the magazine "Poster-Food" - "Feast of Food". The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Alexei Zimin, announced the event a year ago in his column. Then the event, which promised to become an annual event, did not take place on the Sparrow Hills. This year, the finally realized festival plans to occupy the area around Golitsyn Ponds from noon to ten in the evening with a large food court from restaurants, three kitchen scenes - "Main", "Lecture", Organic Studio Philips - and the farmers market from LavkaLavka, "Farmer- Bazaar "and others.

Alexey Zimin, editor-in-chief of Afisha-Food magazine:“Food at the beginning of the twenty-first century has become one of those areas that cause lively and direct interest and sincere discussions. Perhaps this is due to the fact that most other discussion topics are too painful, and most problems are insoluble. And gastronomy is an area where the problems are trivial, but the solutions can be almost lightning fast, often elegant, and sometimes even delicious. The Food Festival in Gorky Park is another step in this direction. It is a way to evaluate the current state of Russian gastronomy in one fell swoop of its manifestations. See its best representatives, to assess what they are doing is not private, but in the overall context to restore the depth of field in the Russian cuisine and try something in Moscow, perhaps, will not be long. "


New Location: Pizzeria Montalto


Iconfood's fourth project by restaurateur Isaac Correa and businessman Igor Trif, launching CBBG-76 burger bar, Upside Down Cake Co. and Black Market, a contemporary American restaurant. There is a place not on the "restaurant street", like the other three, but on Sadovo-Kudrinskaya. Italian food is being prepared, but again in its own way. The menu has only eight types of pizza, all of which are cooked over an open fire in a wood-fired oven. The main difference between local pizza is its deliberately uneven shape, small size and composition. The process of rolling and tossing dough can be observed directly from the hall: pizza is cooked in the open part of the kitchen. Everything else - a couple of soups, antipasti, pasta, salads and main dishes - is prepared in an ordinary kitchen, hidden from the eyes of guests.

Two kinds of pizza will be cooked at the “Food Festival” in the field kitchen of Montalto - the classic Italian “Margarita” and “Artesan” with Parma ham and three types of cheese: gruyere, pecorino and mozzarella. Of the drinks - milkshakes, including watermelon.
New Location: Ragout


The gastronomic cafe on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street was opened by some of the best professionals in the culinary environment of the city - Katya Drozdova (creator of the Simple Things and Khachapuri restaurants), Alexei Zimin (editor-in-chief of Afisha-Food magazine), Semyon Krymov (artist and designer ) and the chef Ilya Shalev.

There are no analogues of “Ragu” in the capital yet. Here the menu is constantly and systematically changed with an eye on seasonality. On weekends, Zimin himself spends a roast weekend with a special menu and at a fixed price.

At the "Celebration" Alexei Zimin and Ilya Shalev will prepare a potato salad dressing with lemon juice, mustard, sour cream and turmeric dressing, cabbage salad with gremolata, seasonal stew and beet and Borodino ice cream. On the hot side - chicken, pork, beef and lamb cooked using sous-vide technology - in vacuum at low temperatures - and smoked on charcoal.
"Coffeemania" has opened a new pizzeria Barmalini
Menu Items: Pizza from the new Barmalini Restaurant


The new project of the owners of the Coffeemania chain is a small Italian restaurant that opened for this March, with only 48 people, with a large selection of pizza, which is cooked in a traditional wood-burning oven.

For coffee in Barmalini, the barista of Coffeemania is responsible, but the main thing is pizza. The restaurant's menu has more than twenty kinds of it: there are both classic Pepperoni and Margarita, as well as recipes invented by the local pizza maker Roman Klimentov, inspired by the mountainous territories of Italy. Klimentov’s track record is quite serious - he graduated from a specialized school in Naples, after which he worked at the stove in several Italian restaurants. You can watch the work of the pizza maker sitting at any of the tables: the kitchen in the pizzeria is open. Also, because of the size of the pizzeria, people don’t smoke at all: there was simply not enough room for the second, smoking room.

In Gorky Park Roman Klimentov, pizza maker Barmalini, will prepare several types of pizza from the cafe menu, but in a mini-version.
7 celebrity restaurants: Sobchak, Kandelaki, Tsekalo and others
Signature bread "Loafs" - "Wheel"It was he who served as the inspiration for the logo of the confectionery.


The bakery and coffee shop at the bakery, invented by Anna Shumailova (brand-confectioner of the place), Olga Slutsker (president of the World Class fitness club chain), Alexei Khaliullin and Fedor Bondarchuk.

All bread and pastries are prepared right here, behind the wall, in the kitchen-pastry shop. Bread is baked according to the technology written off from French: on a “thick sourdough”, two types of coarse flour and sea salt are added to the sourdough to make the bread healthier. In addition to bread, desserts and coffee, in “Bulka” there are several positions for a full dinner: soups of the day, salads and pies. Sweet recipes are often changed by changing the filling, the dough itself or sweets, so that no one has time to get bored.

At the festival, “Bulka” will show the novelties of the autumn menu - seasonal breadcakes with baked meat or vegetables and spices, signature croutons and toasts with spicy and sweet sauces, baked bread and cheese tartines.
Food at the Poster Picnic: Foodster sandwiches, "This is my bun" pies, and "Nature's Gifts" burgers


A home-made confectionery that bakes custom-made sweets using only natural ingredients, a bit like the Sweets of Joy project, but with only one cooking initiator - Katya Kamai. The project premiered on this year's Picnic Market Poster. Then Katya made 60 pies of three kinds - cheesecake, chocolate caprese and raspberry-lemon pie, 160 cookies and 90 cakes.

On “Food Festival” “This is my bun” will bring homemade cheesecakes again, and besides them - chocolate-almond pies, lemon muffins with creamy glaze, autumn apple pies, “Vera” truffle cakes and cookies with sweet almonds and dark chocolate.
New location: Strelka Bar
Strelka has opened a street kiosk with snacks and drinks


This bar, one of the components of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, exists as a separate and important gastronomic unit for the city. It is not only a matter of the interior, the uniform of the waiters and the view from the terrace, the main thing is the local chefs Nathan Dallimore and Natalie Horsting, who were previously responsible for the Shop & Bar Denis Simachev menu.

Nathan Dallimore and Natalie Horsting will cook a barbecue: spit-roasted pig and lamb in a marinade of white wine, herbs and anchovies. Serve them with tomato chili sauce and fried apple sauce. Three salads were invented for the side dish: from beans, potatoes and herbs; Asian-style noodles and cabbage with beets and tomatoes. For dessert - fruit ice on a stick and branded homemade organic ice cream.
10 new fast food outlets


A place with Pan-Asian cuisine opened last year in two formats at once - as a small cozy cafe on Novy Arbat and as fast food on a food court in the Evropeisky shopping center. Chef Xu Lei has created a logical menu for the institution, including woks, dim sums, rolls and fairly well-made Thai soups. In the cafe, the cooking process can be observed while sitting at the bar, all food can be taken with you.

"Zu cafe" is going to bring to the event almost all of its menu: dim sums, fried noodles, kimchi, spring rolls and soups.
Opinion: Mitya Borisov, co-owner of Lighthouse and John Donna, on anti-alcohol law
Refrigerators of Moscow chefs, part 2: "John Donne", "Solyanka", "Punch and Judy"


A network of pubs, currently consisting of three establishments, was created restless in terms of opening new places (an institution for children will open soon) in Moscow by people - Mitya Borisov and Dmitry Yampolsky. In “John Donne” they drink beer, smoke so that the smoke is around the clock, and cheer for football loudly. The food here is more likely for men, but they promise to fix it soon.

John Donne will bring drinks with him: English El London Pride, Light IPA Ale, Cherry Timmermans Kriek and Scottish Belhaven Stout with three varieties of malt - chocolate, caramel and burnt barley.



Like tomorrow's Afisha Picnic, the company will set up a grill tent for tomorrow’s festival, which will cook sausages with spicy pumpkin, burgers made from meat, bruschetta broth with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and lots of vegetables led by Denis Krupeni , the chef of the culinary school "Kitchen in detail."


A network with good coffee and delicious food more suited to the restaurant. At the Barista Festival "Coffeemania" they will prepare drinks, demonstrate different techniques on La Marzocco and Victoria Arduino coffee machines (bring them directly from the cafe) and sell desserts.


The confectionery, which cares about the health of consumers and does not use sugar and preservatives in its products, will prepare at the festival cottage cheese, mango and blueberry mousse, caramel and banana parfait and curd cream with chestnut puree in chocolate. BeLight will also hold several workshops throughout the day.


The cafe will bring special pizza and homemade soft drinks to the "Food Festival". In addition to food, the place's chef Denis Kalmyshev will hold a master class in cooking a huge pizza with various fillings, in which everyone can participate. A culinary master class for children will also be held.


The chef of a cafe specializing in Turkish coffee and food, Osman Yıldız will reveal the secrets of cooking kufta - Turkish meatballs with a long history. Sweets will be sold right there: baklava, tulambu and keshkul.


The chef-chocolatier of a small family-run chocolate cafe that makes sweets by hand will make hazelnut and pistachio pralines, dark chocolate covered orange peels, truffles and dark chocolate marzipans.


The cafe will cook Mexican street food - burritos, brine (chicken and vegetarian), nachos, spiced chicken wings and corn.


The Vostok-Zapad online store, which supplies good products for restaurants in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian cities, will open a butcher shop at the festival. There he will sell marbled beef, New Zealand lamb, venison, Dutch dairy veal, raw and smoked duck breasts Magre and foie gras. All this can be prepared on the grill.


The experimental confectionery, which not only prepares, but also holds cooking classes, will make lemonade with goldfish, candy with kiwi and dried apricots, caramelized apples, Hello School cookies, broken chocolate, apple pie, peach biscuits, and from unsweetened - chicken quiche and sandwiches.


The confectionery will present its Norman tarts with apricots, figs, cherry griot and plum ketch, huge tiles of homemade chocolate with nuts and dried fruits, chocolate truffles and marmalade with unusual flavors, orange hot chocolate and cream caramel with lemon and coconut.


The cafe will prepare mainly desserts and pastries: mini-eclairs with delicate coffee cream in chocolate icing, custard nuts with cream and crushed walnut fudge, snails with selected California raisins and cream patisser, custard rings with curd filling.


The recently opened home and meat delivery store will cook Australian steaks, New Zealand lamb and grilled king prawns. Also announced are master classes in cooking steaks.



The new patisserie will sell caramel apples, chocolate cookies with whole hazelnuts, cream cookies with pieces of dark chocolate, coconut and almond tiles, marzipan, chocolate truffles, candied orange, caramel and coconut in chocolate at the festival.



The company will arrange a field coffee shop at the Food Festival. Here, Madeo coffee will be roasted only after the order is received, and each variety is roasted differently. You can also buy coffee beans home.


Here they will prepare espresso, latte and cappuccino and hold master classes that teach secret professional techniques: pitching and etching. In addition to coffee, non-alcoholic mulled wine and tea will be prepared.


The kitchen scenes at the festival differ from each other primarily in the composition of the participants. On the "Main" and the most important stage, chefs from Moscow restaurants will be cooking, representing a new gastronomy in the city. On the "Lecture" stage - culinary experts, writers and bloggers will tell you something personal about food, and on the stage of Organic Studio Philips there will be contact master classes where you can cook together with the cook.

Large screens will be installed on the “Main” scene, which will broadcast all the actions of the chefs. After each master class, spectators will be treated to freshly prepared dishes for free.

13:00 - Ivan Shishkin, the chef of the home cafe Delicatessen, will cook Russian spelled.
13:40 - Paolo Boccolini, the chef of Novikov’s Donna Margarita, will prepare ice-cold tomato soup and gazpacho.
14:20 - Andrey Ryvkin, businessman and chef Dome, will prepare dishes from the most seasonal product - watermelon.
15:00 - Pietro Rongoni, the chef of Aromi La Bottega restaurant, will show everyone how to cook sea bass with Gorgonzola sauce in accordance with all the rules.
15:40 - Dmitry Zotov, the chef of Golden and Beefbar Junior, will prepare sorbet from the Miami Margarita cocktail using liquid nitrogen.
16:20 - Bitch Maman, pastry chef Upside Down Cake Co., will make berry mini cupcakes.
17:00 - Alexey Zimin, editor-in-chief of Afisha-Food magazine and one of the creators of Ragout Cafe, will cook shrimp with rosemary.
17:40 - Benjamin Osher, the chef of Moscow Nobu, will cook the signature dish of his restaurant - black cod in miso.
18:20 - Alexander Rappoport, a lawyer, a foodie and the creator of the Butcher Club, will be preparing his signature Thai soup.
19:00 - Isaac Correa, a restaurateur who recently opened the UDC pastry shop, Corner Burger, Montalto Pizzeria and Black Market Bistro, will cook spaghetti squash with olive oil, oregano and pecorino.
19:40 - Ilya Shalev, the chef Ragu, will cook the salted caramel.
20:20 - Anthony Garlando Chef Les Menus par Pierre Gagnaire at Lotte will show you how to make Chantilly mousse with foie gras, tuna marinated in soy caramel with limequat and artichoke pohvard, seasoned with white balsamic and olive oil.
21:00 - Alexey Zimin, editor-in-chief of Afisha-Food magazine and one of the creators of Ragout cafe, will prepare his signature guinea fowl stew with cherries.


The gastronomic lecture hall is a special venue organized jointly with the Moscow bookstore under the supervision of Ekaterina Drozdova, co-owner of the Khachapuri and Ragout restaurants. Famous writers and bloggers will cook and talk about food here, including Irina Chadeeva (blogger and author of the book “Pies and Something Else ...”), Vlad Piskunov (author of the book “Everything About How Delicious to Eat”), Pavel and Olga Syutkins (researchers of Russian gastronomic traditions), Alexei Zimin and the Totibadze brothers.

In addition to master classes, a library and a bookstore are organized in this area, especially for which rare books on gastronomy are collected, some of which can only be bought here and nowhere else in Moscow.

13:00 - master class of spouses Pavel and Olga Syutkin for cooking pancakes stuffed with rice and raisins.
14:00 - lecture and master classIrina Chadeeva about cupcakes that even children can cook.
15:00 - master class from the creators Meet & greet for preparing cold zucchini cream soup with parmesan chips, as well as quiche with caramelized garlic, thyme, rosemary and goat cheese.
16:00 - Vlad Piskunov will show how to cook burgers with buckwheat cakes.
17:00 - Master Class Sergey Sinelnikov for cooking tom yama.
18:00 - Arusya Ghukasyan will show how to cook homemade pasta from folk products.
19:00 - Alexey Zimin will bake suluguni in grape leaves.
20:00 - Master Class Galina Guest for the preparation of herbal tea, sbitn, acorn coffee and cherry pie with lingonberries.


There will not be a big screen on the stage sponsored by Philips, as on the main one, but you can participate in all the master classes yourself. Chef Arthur Aroyan, who is currently leading master classes in Moscow and advising those wishing to open a new restaurant, has been appointed the main person in this kitchen. He will be assisted by Denis Krupenya (head and chef of the School of gastronomic art "Kitchen in Details"), Maria Savelyeva (creator of and again Vlad Piskunov.

12:30 - Arthur Aroyan will cook smoothies: melon, strawberry, berry, exotic and watermelon-blueberry.
13:30 - Vladislav Piskunov make pies with spicy sauce.
14:30 - Arthur Aroyan will prepare dip: tapenade, tzatziki and pesto.
15:00 - Maria Savelyeva cook berry kurd and kruchon.
16:00 - Arthur Aroyan he will cook dipes again: babaganush, pepper dip, beet dip and tomato dip.
17:00 - Denis Krupenya will cook tapas with anchovies, tomato and herbs, wild berry smoothie with champagne.
17:30 - Arthur Aroyan continue the story with smoothies: kiwi with pear, spicy tomato, apple and carrot, carrot and ginger.
19:10 - Arthur Aroyan once again prepare the dip: guacamole, hummus, bean dip. And also smoothies: banana-raspberry, watermelon-melon, peach-apricot, broccoli-spinach.


The third component of the festival is the market. Here they will sell farm and other products and beautiful dishes. The products are responsible for LavkaLavka, Farmer Bazaar of Tsvetnoy, Indian Spices, The World of Oil, Honey Museum, La Maree restaurant and others, and dishes - Design Boom, Williams & Oliver, Eva Solo , workshop of Vadim Dymov, "Interior shop" and a few more.

Food at the Poster Picnic: Foodster sandwiches, "This is my bun" pies, and "Nature's Gifts" burgers
New place: "Shop" Akimov on "Arm"
New location: Cafe Delicatessen


LavkaLavka will bring his farmers to the "Food Festival", each of which will have a separate kiosk. It will be possible to talk with them and consult on all exciting issues. The list is as follows: Evgeny and Tatyana Timofeev (suppliers of dairy products and eggs), Dmitry Klimov (supplier of guinea fowl, chicken and rabbits), Andrey Kurbatov (supplier of smoked geese), Ivan Novichikhin (supplier of ecological vegetables), Alexander Brodsky (supplier of pork, meat delicacies) and honey), Jay Robert Close (supplier of home-made cheese) and Dorji Bulkhuk (supplier of lamb).

In addition, the visiting gastroproject “Lavki” and Ivan Shishkin (chef Delicatessen) - “Gifts of nature” will work here. As the previous time, at the Poster Picnic, Shishkin will cook delicious burgers from farm products, but this will not stop and will complement the menu with spelled paella, bread and french fries. For dessert, the “Bench” will sell Belevsky pastille from Roman Suslov and gingerbread cookies from Maxim Syrnikov. All this can be eaten at a common long table next to the samovar.

Guide to Tsvetnoy Central Market


In the company tent they will sell the most seasonal and the best that the bazaar has: watermelons, melons, apples, plums, pumpkins and further on the list. In addition, there will be muesli (you can mix right on the spot), honey and farm jam. They will not cook here, as in a department store, but they will sell branded pies with different fillings, freshly squeezed juices, homemade lemonades made from watermelons, fruits, berries and sandwiches. In addition to the point in the market, hawkers will walk around the holiday territory and sell pies.

New place: Food factory "Dove"


La Maree is going to sell the freshest fish and all marine reptiles at the festival, including oysters, at the prices of its own wholesale warehouse. In addition to fish, you can buy dried French sausages, foie gras, cheeses, jamon, olive oil and plantation chocolate in a convenience store. Part of the assortment can be tasted ready-made, everything will be cooked on the grill.

Eco-guide in Moscow


In the grocery rows will sell interesting samples of culinary ingredients, all with a hint of health and naturalness. More than 10 stores will offer their products, almost in all of which it is not so convenient to get there on a typical day:, Olivagift, Museum of Honey, TD Fair, World of Oil, Flavors of Summer ", iOrganic, Castaniero, Sunflower and, of course, Indian Spices.

Shop "Glediz"


In this part of the market, various stores and suppliers of utensils, kitchen gadgets and other close-to-home cooking items will be assembled. Among them are the minimalist and elegant dishes Eva Solo, pots and tea cups from the Suzdal workshop of Vadim Dymov, expensive vintage-looking dishes from the Imperial Porcelain Factory, a lot of different things from Eurodom and French-style dishes from Provence from the Interior Shop. The German cooker Fissler will bring pressure cookers to the "Food Festival", useful and beautiful gadgets and accessories - Design Boom and Williams & Oliver stores, knives and graters - Chef store.

Entrance tickets to the "Food Festival" will cost 600 rubles. Admission is free for children under 10 years old.

Watch the video: Top Tips for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival! (December 2019).

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