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Bruschetta with avocado, chevre cheese and root vegetables

Dan Miron

chef at restaurant and bar Holy Fox

Born in 1988 in Moscow. Initially worked in marketing, which he gave up to become a cook. First, I settled in at Correa's to Isaac Correa, then there were several more restaurants, without specifying names, after that - Singapore and Bangkok. In Singapore, he worked for two years in three restaurants of the famous chef Jason Atherton - Esquina, Pollen, The Study. In Bangkok, he got into the kitchen of the Gaggan restaurant to chef Gaggan Anand, where he worked for free, gained experience and became part of the team.

After Bangkok he returned to Moscow and almost immediately, last fall, he took up a new project at that time - a bar and restaurant
Holy Fox


15 minutes*






* excluding cheese


Gray bread (like Monge,
a few slices)

Kohlrabi, 20 g

Radish, 20 g

Daikon, 20 g

Celery, 20 g

Avocado, 30 g

Chilli, 10 g

Half lime juice

Goat chevre (you can buy at the store or cook it yourself),taste



Goat Chevre:

Fresh goat milk 4 l

Calcium chloride, 1 g

Salt, 5 g

Liquid rennet, 1 g

Leaven, according to instructions

Dressing for vegetables:

White Balsamic Vinegar 5 ml

Water, 10 ml

Olive oil, 15 ml

 Home Chevron. In a container, mix the starter, milk, calcium chloride and rennet. Leave at room temperature for 18-20 hours. During this time, a clot should form. Remove the serum and transfer the clot into a drainage bag. Suspend it for 6 hours in the refrigerator and substitute a container under it for draining excess serum. Add salt and leave for a few more hours. Transfer the mass to a container and let the cheese mature for 5-8 days at a constant temperature of 6-8 degrees. Ready cheese can be stored for about five days.

 FILLING FOR VEGETABLES. Combine all ingredients and mix.

 SLICE COLRABY, radish, daikon and celery on thin ribbons, avocado slices, salt and season with a mixture of vinegar and olive oil. Chili cut into thin rings. Squeeze juice from lime and scrape off the zest.

 Warm bread in the oven until the crunch. Put cheese on it, smudge a little, then vegetables and chili. Sprinkle with lime juice and sprinkle with zest.

Watch the video: Mediterranean Olive Bruschetta with Goat Cheese & Fresh Herbs (December 2019).

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