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What do stewardesses, single mothers, TSUM sellers and others live for?

Throughout the past year, Life around has been asking Muscovites of various professions about the features of their work, salary, and everyday expenses. We talked with a programmer, housekeeper, HR manager, ballerina and 30 other people, and now we recall the most interesting and unexpected stories.

What do photographers live on

A wedding photographer who shoots around the world,
- about ridiculous occasions at a wedding, the most unusual places of shooting, prices for their services and expenses for equipment.

What do downshifters live for?

For a year and a half, a Muscovite married couple put off most of their salaries and abandoned their usual entertainment in order to quit work at one point and go on a journey around the world. Newly made downshifters told how much money was needed for this and what they spent on trips.

What bloggers live on

A girl photographer, who professionally maintains an Instagram account and has hundreds of thousands of followers, talks about the income from the blog, as well as how she agrees with hotels on holidays in exchange for advertising and how she does everything at the last moment.

What do the cops live on

The policeman anonymously talked about exorbitant workloads and low salaries, about how to save for vacation, and why he would advise students to never go to work in the authorities.

What do TSUM sellers live for

In this article, a girl who wanted to become a teacher, but became a sales assistant in a fashionable and very expensive store, reveals the size of her salary and the details of the job, which consists in daily communication with wealthy people and screen stars.

What single mothers live for

The sad story of a single mother, who was without an official decree and alimony from her ex-husband. She talked about how it is possible to raise a child in such conditions, in which you have to limit yourself and what expenses are on the list of her necessary.

What conductors live on

A young man who recently became a guide in Russian Railways is about how he presents passengers as heroes of the Sims game. The guide talks about harassing fellow travelers, fast food and a very small salary.

What do hairdressers live for?

The story of an employee of the capital's beauty salon, who spends 11 hours a day at work, about working at shows and filming, a hairdresser's career and why she spends a lot of money on sports and vitamins.

What do stewardesses live for?

The monologue of the stewardess of a charter airline about how she spontaneously decided to become a flight attendant and what had to be done for this. The heroine of the material also told how the flight attendants should look in flight and what they manage to see in the countries where she flies to work.

Watch the video: Flight Attendants Love Life. Single Life? Married Pilots? (December 2019).

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