11 Best Films at Side by Side Festival

The Side-by-Side International LGBT Festival, which will be held in St. Petersburg from November 20 to 29, has prepared a program from feature films and documentaries, combining the themes of growing up, creativity and otherness in modern society. Life around compiled a movie guide.

"Today I will go home alone"

Producer: Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil, 2014

when: November 20, 20:30, the Kempinski Hotel, Nab. Sinks, 22

The program of the festival opens with a drama about a blind teenager who is trying to figure out his feelings for another young man and not ruin his relationship with his girlfriend, who is burning with jealousy. The painting was awarded the Teddy Prize at the Berlin Film Festival as the best feature film.

Battle of the Sexes

Producer: James Erskine and Zara Hayes, UK, 2013

when: November 22, 16:00, Sokos Hotel

At the center of the documentary work is the legendary 1973 tennis match between the Grand Slam holder Bobby Riggs and the first racket of the world of those years, athlete Billy Jean King. But the film does not tell about sports, but about the representation of social and sexual roles in society, according to which a woman is always weaker than a man.

"A circle"

Producer: Stefan Haupt, Switzerland, 2014

when: November 22, 21:00, Sokos Hotel

The real story with off-screen narration in the first person. In the mid-1950s, in Germany, a school teacher fell in love with a young travesty singer, with whom he joined in fact one of the first European LGBT organizations to advocate for the recognition of the rights of homosexuals.

"Alex and Ali"

Producer: dir. Malakai Leopold, Turkey - United States, 2011-2014

when: November 23, 15:00, Sokos Hotel

Alex, a volunteer at the US Peace Corps in Iran, lived in the East for ten years and met his beloved Ali there. When the Islamic revolution broke out in the late 70s, he had to return to his homeland. But the lovers kept in touch in letters, by phone and email. In 2012, documentary filmmaker and human rights activist Malakai Leopold traveled with Alex to Istanbul, where the couple met for the first time in 35 years.

"1 day out of life"

Producer: Olga Privolova, Alina Rudnitskaya, Kristina Kvitko, Russia-USA, 2014

when: November 23, 19:00, Sokos Hotel

A collection of four documentary shorts of three different Russian directors tells about the life of LGBT activists after the law restricting their activities, about an experiment among homosexuals with HIV-positive status, and also includes interview interviews about the life of same-sex couples.


Producer: Martin Provo, France, 2013

when: November 23, 21:20, Sokos Hotel

The French writer Violetta Leduc was born in a remote village at the beginning of the 20th century, did not have a higher education, but, after receiving work in a publishing house, she wrote three novels. In them, she talked about female sexuality in a way that no one had done before. The focus of the biographical drama is her relationship with another writer, Simone de Beauvoir.

"Matt Shepard is my friend"

Producer: Michelle Hosue, USA, 2013

when: November 24, 20:00, "Sea"

Director Michel Hosue returns to the events of 20 years ago, when in 1998 a teenager Matthew Shepard was tied to a pillar and beaten to death for being gay. The parents of the deceased will come to St. Petersburg to present the film. Matt's mom, Judy Shepard, became an LGBT activist, and thanks to her efforts, a law was passed in the United States protecting the LGBT community.

"52 tuesdays"

Producer: Sophie Hyde, Australia, 2013

when: November 25, 20:00, "Sea"

The film, which received the prize for best directing at the Sundance Film Festival this year, talks about sixteen-year-old Billy, who will have to put up with the fact that her mother is going to undergo a sex change operation. The girl temporarily moves to live with her father and sees her mother only on Tuesdays. According to the same schedule, work was also done on the picture - the film was shot every Tuesday for one year.

"Looking at Susan Sontag"

Producer: Nancy Cates, USA, 2013

when: November 26, 19:00, "Sea"

The story of the life of the director, writer, philosopher and icon of the feminist movement, who died from leukemia 10 years ago at the age of 71. Colleagues talk about the work of Zontag, friends - about her personal life, a part of which until the last day was an outstanding photographer Anna Leibovitz.

Fragments from films about Tuva Jansson

Producer: Kanerva Sederstrom and Rijkka Tanner, Finland, 1993, 1994, 2004

when: November 21, 20:00, Sokos Hotel

Excerpts from three documentaries created by two other women directors will be presented in a story about the life of a Finnish writer who presented the world with one of the most charming children's books. The authors combined many video materials, most of which were shot by the illustrator Tuulikki Pietila on a joint trip with Jansson.


Producer: Johanna Jackie Bayer, Germany - Lithuania, 2013

when: November 27, 20:00, Sokos Hotel

For 10 years, the director has been following the life of a young man who abandoned his home in Klaipeda and became a street transgender prostitute in Berlin. Now this is no longer an excellent student from the Lithuanian art college, but the girl Julia, who speaks German of the XIX century, suffers humiliation from her clients every night and does not always cope with finding her way home.

Ticket price
200-300 rubles

Watch the video: Top Dog Film Festival 2019 Teaser (December 2019).

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