12 quotes about investment bankers from the movie Margin Call

The production drama about American investment bankers was released in 2011, after the collapse of Goldman Sachs, and talks about the beginning of the financial crisis. Heroes find out that the bank is in danger of ruin, and try to avoid bankruptcy at all costs. The reputation of several top managers and brokers, who must sell depreciated securities to unsuspecting buyers, is sacrificed to the market. As a result, the owner of the bank (Jeremy Irons) manages to stay afloat.

- The recession is always followed by a rise.

- Really?



Do you know what a person experiences on the edge of the abyss? This is not a fear of falling, but a fear that he might jump. Yes it went.
Not today.

It is not for nothing that it was you who remained. 80% of employees are fired,
but it's not you. There is an important reason for this. They are good people and good specialists, but you were better. Now they are gone, and you need to come to terms with this. This is a chance for each of you. In all company offices
from Hong Kong to London, the same thing happens. When they are finished, approximately three of the seven bosses that stand between you and your boss will leave. Everyone has a chance. I worked here for 34 years
and I can assure you that this is not the first time. And you will do fine. That is why our company has existed for 107 years.
So tail the pipe, and for the job.


- It's so weird, like in a dream.

- Well, I do not know. Maybe we all just have to wake up.

- Take a look at these people. They do not know a dream or a spirit,
what should happen, right?

-I'm trying not to let the work gobble up myself. We are 23 years old. I raised a quarter of a million this year. I work with numbers on the screen. A bunch of fucking gamers see them on a computer screen, and they play
with the same gamers on the other side of the world. If they did not do this, they would play on the sweepstakes and put everything at No. 7. And at the end of the day, someone won, and someone lost.

“You know that this is actually a bit wrong, right?”

- Yes.


“What did I say from the first day you came to my office?” Be the first, be smarter or cheat. I'm not a crook. I want to believe that smart people are sitting in this office, but it will be easier for all of us to become the first - to sell
all now.

“How much does Sam Rogers have in a year?”

- I do not know.

- Come on at random.

“Three quarters of a million.”

- Come on, much more. Will Emerson shot 2.5 million last year.

- Come on. How do you know?

- I said it myself.

- Get fucked up. Do you think this is right?


- Listen, you cannot do what you are planning!

“Have you seen these numbers?” They are simply deadly, one plus one no longer equals two.

- Looks like this shit will be dumped on us?

- How?

“They will find a way.” I have been working in this company for 10 years and I know
what I'm talking about. When the end comes, the main thing for them is not to lose money, let everyone else lose it. But not them.


- Even if we manage to crank, in spite of everything, the question remains: to whom to sell?

- To those to whom we sold before, and to others.

“But then you will kill the market for a long time.” And you sell them something
that is worth nothing.

- I will sell to those who want to buy at the current market price,
so that we survive.

“But then you can’t sell them anything else.”
Do you understand that?

- Yes and you? This is the end, I tell you.

“Did you really earn 2.5 million?” How did you spend them?

- Pretty fast, you quickly get used to the good.

- How did you manage?

- Now we’ll calculate: half is taxes, a million remains
a quarter. Mortgage - another 300 units. 150 I sent to my parents,
because I have to help them. How much is there?

- 800.

- So, 800. 150 went to a car, about 75 - to restaurants, about fifty - to clothes, and 400 set aside for a rainy day.

- Reasonable.

- Yes, as it turned out. After all, a hurricane is coming.

- And 125 more?

- I spent 76 thousand on whores, booze and dancing. Mostly whores.

- 76 pieces on whores?

- I myself was shocked at first, but then I realized that I could call
it's all fun. And it is true.

- You want to say that the music will soon subside, and we will have a large bag of stinking excrement, which we have collected
in the whole history of capitalism?

“I'm not sure what I would say that, but I will explain it with your example.” This model shows that the music is quiet. If it really calms down, the scenario will be much worse.

- You want to know why I ended up in this chair and take off
all the cream?

- Yes.

- I'm here to guess if music will play year, month or
just a week. And no more. And standing here now, I'm afraid I'm nothing
did not hear. Just the wind.

Watch the video: The Last Days Of Lehman Brothers Moral Hazard 2008 (December 2019).

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