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One-room apartment in Krasnodar for three people, not including a dog

A one-room apartment in Krasnodar for a young family with a child and a Labrador is a vivid example of how, without a designer, guided by your own taste, to organize a beautiful and functional space around you. The spouses (the wife is an Internet marketer, the husband is a builder) had the task to meet a certain budget and allocate a space of 37 square meters for each family member.

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37 m²

the rooms


My husband and a three-month-old Labrador moved into our apartment 5 years ago. The apartment was a standard repair from the builder with blue and green wallpaper, with yellow linoleum. And when we came home one day, we realized that it was time for a major repair. An additional incentive was our gorgeous dog, whose teeth were cut and he gnawed everything.

We took white walls as the basis of the interior - wallpaper for painting and Tikkurila matte paint. Our idea was simplicity and speed: I wanted to stick and paint the wallpaper, make a slate wall in the kitchen. But time goes by - our tastes and family composition have changed.

With the advent of my son, I had to organize an additional children's zone in the common room. We were not afraid of the snow-white walls and doors, as we wanted to visually expand the small space of the apartment. Decor and textiles were chosen as bright accents.

I have a main principle: let there be fewer toys, but they will be interesting and of high quality. And no bright plastic storage containers. We picked up furniture in Ikea, we found a lot of things in h & m and Zara Home.

In our family, repair is always about creativity and inspiration. So, one evening we sold an old table and chairs for a day and updated the kitchen, creating an accent in the form of a green wall. Now this is my love.

In the main room, the area under the TV is highlighted with a textured pine array for imitation of timber. All wires and speaker wiring are hidden behind it.

I am sure that even on 37 square meters there is always room for change and improvisation. Here comes the husband from work, and the furniture is different. You can always update the framework, change the textiles.

Inspiration for new ideas gives me a look of European and American interiors - Pinterest and Ikea sites. Australians set a good example in the organization of space. As soon as the first idea appears, I grab onto it and develop, creating a mood board for visual visualization. In the corridor we have two boards hanging: with our dreams and just pictures for inspiration.

My husband and I have a rule: tired - sell, give, throw and replace with a new one. Do not be afraid to experiment and do not be afraid of change. Pictures of our new apartment with a separate nursery and bedroom are already gathering in my head.

Over the years of my life in the apartment, I noted an important factor for myself in the winning presentation of the interior - this is lighting. Our east side is perfect in the world. We meet early in the morning the first rays of the sun, which create magical shadows on the walls, and after ten in the morning an diffused soft light appears in the apartment until the evening.

Despite all the interior changes, our apartment still reflects us, and for us it is the best place, we are very comfortable here. I want to come back here.

Photos: Irina Guseva.

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